Kodiak Furniture Tucson Futon Frame

|||Kodiak Furniture Tucson Futon Frame

Kodiak Furniture Tucson Futon Frame

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  • Butternut
  • Rustic Walnut
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Kodiak Furniture Tucson Futon Frame

A sturdy Indonesian Hardwood has been carefully selected to provide the most stability of any frame while still being reasonably priced. Each frame has lightweight pieces and easy to follow instructions for a simple construction process that anyone can complete.
1) What is the weight capacity for my Kodiak Futon set? 

With normal use, two people weighing 250 pounds or less, can sit or sleep comfortably on this set. The weight must be evenly disbursed over the futon set.

2) Will standard bedding fit our full or queen size futon mattress?

Yes, standard bedding works for both full and queen size mattresses.

3) How do I obtain any missing assembly parts that were missing?

If there is an off chance parts are missing from your frame set, fax or email the sales receipt and the parts needed to our support email and the missing parts will be shipped upon verification. Please see the parts tab on our home page for more details.

4) My mattress seems a little wrinkled, should this concern me?

The mattress has been compressed and sealed for efficient and secure shipping and handling. The mattress will lose the wrinkles after roughly a week after being unraveled.

5) The mattress frame will not stay in the sitting position, what should I look for?

The seat deck may be missing the four plastic stoppers that will catch the front rail (stretcher). Check under the seat deck to see if they have been assembled correctly by referring to our assembly videos.

Made in St. Paul, MN
Kodiak Furniture Tucson Futon Frame
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