Malouf Shredded Gel Dough Pillow Queen

|||Malouf Shredded Gel Dough Pillow Queen

Malouf Shredded Gel Dough Pillow Queen

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Shredded Gel Dough®

  • Filled with shapeable clusters of shredded Gel Dough®memory foam, the Shredded Gel Dough® pillow offers a cooler, softer memory foam that is breathable, customizable and comfortable. A soft Gel Dough® memory foam sleeve encases the pillow to keep a consistent feel while maintaining the ability to be shaped or molded for optimal comfort. Accompanying the pillow is a super-soft rayon from bamboo velour cover that is hypoallergenic and removable, excellent for sensitive skin and temperature regulation.

    • Proprietary Gel Dough® formula creates a soft, cool feel
    • Clusters of shredded Gel Dough® memory foam are moldable for personalized comfort and increased breathability
    • Memory foam is encased in a soft Gel Dough® sleeve to maintain a consistent feel
    • Washable, soft rayon from bamboo velour cover provides ultimate breathability and comfort
    • Available in King, Queen, Standard, Travel and Travel Neck sizes – Great for back and side sleepers – 6″-7″ loft – 3 year warranty
    • Super-soft rayon from bamboo velour cover is hypoallergenic and easily removable for laundering.


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Malouf Shredded Gel Dough Pillow Queen

• Shredded clusters improve airflow
and moldability
• Gel Dough® formula creates a cooler,
softer memory foam
• Gel Dough® sleeve allows for a
consistent, cool feel
Tencel® removable cover with superior
moisture-management properties aids
in optimal sleeping temperatures
• 3-year warranty guarantees high quality

• Dough® memory foam pillows are
sensitive to temperature. When
exposed to colder temperatures
your pillow will become firmer. Your
body heat will help the foam soen.
• Do not use an external heat source
on the pillow; doing so will damage
the pillow and void your warranty.
• New memory foam may initially have
a slight odor; it is completely
harmless and will dissipate over a
short time with regular use.
• To expedite odor dissipation,
remove and wash the cover and
place the pillow in a dry
sunny location.
• Pre-wash the zippered cover
before first use.
• Wash zippered cover separate from
other items as the zipper may cause
damage to clothing or linens.
• Wash the zippered cover in warm
water using a non-chlorine bleach
detergent on a gentle cycle with a
cold water rinse.
• The pillow can be spot cleaned with
mild detergent by hand only; do not
soak or machine wash the foam.
Rinse with warm water.

• Use a mild liquid detergent,
preferably non-alkaline, without
added bleach or whiteners.
• Do not use chlorine bleach as it can
weaken fibers and cause them to
yellow prematurely.
• If white fabrics need bleaching, use
an oxygen-based bleach.
• Tumble dry zippered cover on
low heat.
• Never use a high heat setting or
over dry; this will weaken the
fibers, cause shrinkage and shorten
the life of the cover.
• Aer spot cleaning the pillow, dry
at room temperature away from
heat or light. Do not machine wash
or dry.

Malouf Shredded Gel Dough Pillow Queen

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