Stressless Madeira Dining Table

|||Stressless Madeira Dining Table

Stressless Madeira Dining Table


Leaf Insert Table $1995

Leaf Insert $200 Each (Max 2)

Leaf Integrated Table $2595

All Stressless Chair Options:

Mango   Chilli    Laurel  Rosemary

Table Options:

 Toscana    Madeira

stressless madeira dining table

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Stressless Madeira Dining Table

Wood Choices

Choice of legs
The table tops can be combined with two different leg solutions; T200 in veneer and with straighter edges than the T100, which are more rounded and made of solid oak or beech.

Stressless® Madeira
W: 69″ H: 28½” D: 37½”

Stressless® Madeira with Integrated Leaf
W: 100½” H: 28½” D: 37½”

Stressless® Madeira with Leaf inserts
1 Leaf Insert – W: 88¾” H: 28½” D: 37½”
2 Leaf Inserts – W: 108½” H: 28½” D: 37½

Choose leaf inserts – The dining tables are supplied with the option of two different systems for extending the tables.
1. An integrated pull-out system with a leaf of 31½ inches that automatically rises when you pull the end of the table. The leaf sinks again when you push the table end.
2. Up to two leaf inserts* of 19¾ inches each that can be stored under the table top when not in use.

Dinner for two? Wanting to seat the whole family?

The Stressless Madeira and Stressless Toscana  can be easily expanded to increase your dining space. Both tables are available in natural oak, whitewashed oak and walnut with a matt-painted top coat. Further combine your chosen table top with two different leg solutions.
Stressless Madeira is a classic, rectangular and sturdy no-nonsense dining table imbued with our comfort magic. The intelligent functions make it a worthy member of the Stressless family. 

Choose between a convenient integrated pull-out system that extends the table surface by 80 cm, or up to two separate leaf inserts of 50 cm each. The leaf inserts are stored under the table when not in use. It’s available in natural oak or walnut, and with a matt-varnished topcoat. It also has two different leg options available – depending on your design preference. 

Please note that wood is a natural material, commonly used for furniture production. Minor variations in colour and structure should not be considered a flaw but indicate that each single part comes from different cuttings of a log or from different trees. Some wood types change colour after unpacking. Sunlight triggers this process. The more sunlight, the more change in colour.

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Stressless® Madeira has a rectangle shaped countertop.

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